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Q: What is telemedicine?

A: In brief, telemedicine is the remote delivery of healthcare services and clinical information using telecommunications technology. This includes a wide array of clinical services using the Internet, mobile wireless, satellite and telephone communication platforms.

Q: Is telemedicine safe?

A: Yes! Guided by technical standards and clinical practice guidelines, and backed by decades of research and demonstrations, telemedicine is a safe and cost-effective way to extend the delivery of healthcare.

Q: What is the market size for telemedicine?

A: This is one of the most frequently asked questions in this growing industry. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most difficult to answer. Estimates on the market size for telemedicine vary widely, depending on each analyst's precise definition of telemedicine. While they can't agree on a single number, one area where all research firms concur is that the telemedicine market is growing rapidly. AnyHourMed can tell you that there are more than 5 million members on the MDLive Platform, and millions more that already use telemedicine, and this number is likely to only grow.

Q: Who can use AnyHourMed?

A: AnyHourMed currently serves anyone over the age of 6months. Minors are serviced through their parents.

Q: How many times can I call in to use your services?

A: AnyHourMed offers unlimited visits and uses of our services. However as with any service, we ask you not to abuse it. Please limit your calls to real issues and challenges you feel need to be addressed by a medical professional. General inquiries and questions that can be serviced through web searches and other media are probably best left to those.

Q: Can I access your services and platform from anywhere?

A: Yes. You can access our services for any cell phone or computer. All you need is your member id and login info.

Q: Do I have to be 18years or older to use your service?

A: Yes. Otherwise you must have a parent or guardian present in order to receive service.

Q: What medical problems or issues can AnyHour Med treat or address?

A: AnyHourMed can treat and address most non-emergency issues. Any issue requiring immediate medical attention such as; chest pain, severe shortness of breath, uncontrolled bleeding, etc., should be addressed immediately by your doctor or physician, or seen in an ER.

Q: How do I pay for AnyHourMed Services?

A: AnyHourMed accepts all major credit cards which are processed through a secured system.

Q: Can AnyHourMed bill my insurance?

A: Currently we are not set up to do so. If your insurance offers reimbursement, please let us know and we can provide you with a transaction receipt.

Q: Can AnyHourMed call in a prescription?

A: Yes, if the doctor believes medication is warranted, he or she can write a prescription for non-narcotic medications (i.e. no controlled substances), which can be sent directly to the pharmacy of your choice.* As soon your consultation is over, your prescription will be sent electronically to one of over 65,000 pharmacies to choose from. If for any reason your pharmacy is unable to receive e-prescriptions, a traditional prescription is generated for our doctors to sign and fax. All prescriptions are fully compliant and include all required information.

Q: Can AnyHourMed refill my prescription?

A: AnyHourMed can offer short term prescription refills for chronic medications such as diabetes and high blood pressure if you run out and your primary care physician is unavailable. We do not refill prescriptions for controlled substances such as; pain, sleep and anxiety medications.

Q: What if my problem is beyond the help of AnyHourMed?

A: If it is found that we cannot assist you, we recommend that you see your primary care physician, or a local provider that can assist you.

Q: Can I send my AnyHourMed visit to my primary care physician?

A: Your AnyHourMed session will be summarized and you can receive a copy upon request.

AnyHourMed OnCall Services for when you have…

A non-medical emergency.

If you’re having trouble getting in to see your existing doctor, our U.S. board-certified, state-licensed doctors can diagnose,
recommend treatment, and prescribe medication for many of your medical issues, including:

  • Cold and Flu Symptoms
  • Bronchitis
  • Allergies
  • Pink Eye
  • Urinary Tract Infection
  • Respiratory Infection
  • Sinus Problems
  • Ear Infection
  • Sore Throat